Joseph's New School

For the last few years Joseph has attended a secular school. The school had a good curriculum but there were a lot of things that we did not like. We really wanted  Joseph to be able to attend a Christian school. We found a nice A.C.E. bilingual school a lot closer to our house than his previous school. We decided to make the switch and we are so glad that we did. Joseph has been doing so much better and the best part of all is that he is memorizing Bible verses and receiving a Bible-based education. He has adapted well and made new friends. The director of the school noted that he got along so well with the other students you would think he would have known them for years.
He wanted to show us his desk. The merit system has motivated him to reach his daily goals. We have seen his grades improve from last year as well as his reading and writing. He is already in the hundred's club.
His school celebrated Independence Day with a special patriotic presentation for parents. The students dressed in typical outfits and explained the different patriotic symbols and their meanings as well as explained different traditions. Here is Joseph's class singing a song about all the different ethnic groups in Honduras.
After the presentation we walked around the booths where students explained about the different regions of Honduras and the products those regions produced. It was a fun day.


Denise said...

Good for you Joseph! The story of how you are studying so hard reminded me of Ezra ~ I was reading about him today and you know what he did? He devoted himself to study the Law of the Lord so he could teach others! (Ezra 7:10 if you want to read it). That sound like what you are doing memorizing Bible verses and studying so hard! Aunt Nesi loves you and is so proud of you! Thank you for serving Jesus and being a good student ~ I know that makes Mommy and Daddy's load much easier too!