Daniel's World

On our last post we told you about Joseph's new school but we didn't update you on Daniel. So we want to tell you what he has been up to. He is still going to a place called Teleton. It is a class that helps to prep children with special needs for kindergarten. They do physical activities to help them with their motor skills as well as work with words and crafts. He has learned to enjoy it. At first he felt embarrassed not knowing the people but now he feels at home. Here he is front of Teleton.
This is his workbook. Sometimes he has to paint or post pictures of objects they are learning the names for in this book.
This is his classroom. There are about five students in his class.
Here they are doing an activity with clothespins. They had to squeeze the clothespin and hang different objects like circle, squares, or triangles. This was to help with his motor skills. The other little girl is called Milley, they both get along really well.
 Doing what Daniel does best.
At home we are also using an online speech therapy program called Gemiini. It uses videos to teach words and pronunciation. We are seeing his vocabulary improve. Keep him in your prayers that God will continue to help his development, we know that God has something very special for this little boy.