I would like to introduce our readers to Gonzalo. He is a retired linguistics professor from the National University. For years he has been a Catholic by tradition as well as a student of world religions. He was on a quest for truth, visiting the Mormons, studying the history of the Catholic church, practicing Yoga and involved in a fraternity. One day he was drawn to our church sign on the front of our house. He read the name "Iglesia Evangelica de Santidad" which is Evangelical Holiness Church. The name holiness intrigued him, so he decided to visit our church. He said that from the first visit he could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. That visit was in May of 2014, he has been coming ever since. He was converted, discipled and baptized. On the day of his baptism he told me "pastor, I want to live in holiness". I was thrilled to tell him that he can. He has been seeking the second work of grace. Pray that God will sanctify him wholly.
Gonzalo is passionate about helping the church grow and seeing others get saved. He and another man in our church have taken it upon themselves to go out into the community to visit and evangelize two days a week. What a change God has made in his life! I wish you could hear his testimonies about how thankful he is that he found our church. It is been a thrill to watch him grow in leaps and bounds.