A Whirl of a Weekend

Last weekend was a busy weekend of church activities. The church people have been working hard to raise funds for the church as well as money to send our young people to a youth retreat at the end of November. One of the fundraisers was selling tamales. We made and sold over 300!
Filling up the bucket of corn dough to make the tamales.
The kids had fun playing while the adults were busy working.
Hannah's very first hand-wrapped tamale. Way to go!
Wrapping up the tamale that is filled with pork and potatoes. Afterwards they are steamed for about an hour.
The same weekend we made tamales we also had a garage sale. The funds went towards the youth retreat.
The day of the garage sale the boys had a lemonade stand. They were so excited to have their first lemonade business. Even when Daniel woke up that morning one of the first things he said was, "money...bank...lemonade....cup" Daniel was the banker and Joseph was the seller.
Here just about everything is sold in bags, so that is how we sold our lemonade. We got a bag of fresh lemons from Las Delicias and ol'e boy was it ever good!
Joseph and his friend Diane.