Las Delicias Water Project

Some exciting things have been happening in Las Delicias. I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to give you an update. So let me start from the beginning. Back in April my parents came to visit and we took them to Las Delicias. They saw how the people lived, how life was hard there and even the basics like food and water was hard to come by. Jose showed my dad his hand dug well that he has on his property. He and his two sons worked night and day six days a week for three months to make this well. It was a very dangerous job and one of the men nearly died during the digging. They finally struck water and over the last twelve or so years this well has maintained many families through the dry spells. Every day they would bucket water out of the well and carry it to their homes to wash dishes and have water to drink.
After seeing so many families struggling to get daily water, my dad was interested in finding out what it would take to install a pump in the well and to build a water tower so each family could run pipes to their homes. We talked with a company here in Tegucigalpa and they quoted us a price of close to $3,000 for the water tank, pump, a generator, controls and for the installation. My dad took it upon himself to go back home and raise the money.
 Back at the Beavertown God's Missionary Church my dad presented the need of $3,000 and the people quickly responded. Over a period of about two to three weeks over $5,000 came in for the project!! Even people outside of the church who heard of the need sent in generous offerings. So construction was started on the water tower. Pastor Roberto and three other men from Las Delicias began the strenuous job of building a twenty foot high tower. Mixing the cement by hand, hauling buckets of cement up the tower with ropes, little by little they finished the job. By this time all of the money had come in for the project.
On Friday, June 20 just three days before a team of young people were to arrive from the Beavertown church, we were ready to install the water system. The company from Tegucigalpa arrived with their equipment and the tank.
Some of the men were hooking up some of the last tubes for the pastor's house.
The ditches were dug, the pipe laid and we were ready to get water!
The first thing to do was to get the 660 gallon tank to the top of the tower.
The men how to measure the depth of the well to know how long to make the pipes and the extension cord for the water pump. The well is about 90 feet deep.
Here are the two guys from the water company working on the pump and the pipes.
The new generator that was included in the job that the water company did for us. This will be used to run the pump and the controls when the water tank needs filled. The generator has also been very helpful in the church to run the lights when the electric is off. It's such a blessing to have this available.
Here is the 1/2 horsepower pump. I was impressed at how this little guy could pump water up a 90 foot well across the yard and up a twenty foot water tower and was pumping about 12 gallons a minute.
Installing the pipes and pump into the well.
Looking good so far. Now to install the control box and connect to the water tower.
This pressure gauge and metal base will stay at the top of the well. We will have to make a new lid to close off the well.
We had to dig a ditch from the well over to the tower.
The last step was to hook up the water to the tower along with a level monitor that will shut off the pump in the well when the tank is full.
We got water in the tank folks!! What a beautiful sight!
The lights on this control box is to let them know if the well is deep enough to begin pumping, when it is too low, and also monitors the levels of the water tank.
Then came the big test to see if we were getting water all that way out to the parsonage. Sure enough, the water was coming through!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! There are five families now that will benefit from this project. We want to say a big thank you to my dad, to the Beavertown God's Missionary Church and to all who gave to make this possible. You have been a great blessing to many many people. Thank you so much!