Youth Missions Team From Beavertown

Last week we finished hosting a group of young people from the Beavertown God's Missionary Church. There were 19 total including the chaperons. They did a fantastic job ministering to children, helping the poor, visiting an orphanage, singing and preaching. God has great things for these young people! Here is a recap of their visit.
The team arrived in Tegucigalpa on June 23rd, a little dazed from lack of sleep. Five of the young people didn't get their carry-ons. They were asked to check in their carry-ons and the airline some how never got them on their flight. They didn't get their carry-ons until the next day. Other than that little mix up their trip went fine.
After unloading their luggage at the house where they would be staying. They all came over to our house for some good Honduran food that some of our church ladies had prepared.
The following day we took the team to a government run orphanage where the team ministered to the children through Bible stories and songs. Many of these little babies were abandoned by their mothers. It was so touching to be able to show them some love.
What sweet little kids!
Teaching a Bible verse to close to sixty children.
At the end of the service we prayed with about eight children who came forward to ask Jesus into their hearts. Afterwards the team handed out gifts to everyone who came.
Later that afternoon we went back to the airport to pick up the five carry-ons that got mixed up in Atlanta. Those kids were so excited to finally get the rest of their things.
That evening we had a huge children's rally at the Tiloarque church. The church couldn't hold everybody that showed up. There were close to 160 people!!! We took the front half of the chairs out of the church so the kids could pack in sitting on the floor. Hannah had another service in our living room with the mothers who couldn't get into the church. Everybody loved the service!
The team decorated the church with a jungle theme and a backdrop. They told the story of creation and how God loves each and every one of us. They ended telling the story of Jesus.
Some of the team worked with the puppets they came out to sing with the kids.
There were literally people everywhere!! The awesome part of the service was when about 20 kids came forward to pray. The gospel was definitely sown that night! It was exciting.
The guys chillin' after a hard day of work.
Early Wednesday morning we loaded up the van and the car to take the team to Nicaragua. For most of them this was their first time to visit Nicaragua.
The team ministered two nights at the HIM church in Salamaji. There was a good group of kids for both services.
Teaching the kids a new song.
The team acted out the story of Daniel and the lions den. The kids just loved it!!!
Thursday morning we divided the group and took part of the team to a school in a little village called Santa Rosa while the other group stayed at one of pastor Julio's church to paint the name of the church over the door.
The kids from the school came out into the yard and sat under the trees while the young people told a Bible story and acted out the story of Daniel and the lions den.
The story of Daniel.
These kids listened attentively.
After the little service, the young people spent some time playing soccer with the kids.
Eating mangos in the village.
Meanwhile back at the church the other young people were doing a great job painting the name of the church over the door.

We have some budding artists in this group. Great job guys!
Thursday night was another great service. The young people told the story of the life of Christ, sang songs, taught Bible verses and did the drama of the Good Samaritan. Here comes the Good Samaritan now carrying the wounded man on his donkey. Look at the smiles on the people's faces!!
There was a good group of kids that night that prayed to be saved.
Friday morning we were up bright and early and headed back to Tegucigalpa where we picked up our air mattresses and drove on to Las Delicias for a service that night.
 The services that we held in Nicaragua were repeated over two days in Las Delicias as well.
Eating some refried beans, rice and chicken. Mmmmmm
Saturday morning some of the guys started priming the prophet's chamber on the back of the parsonage.
At 10 am we held the second children' service after which the team handed out gifts to everyone. They also gave the ladies special hand-made bags that Thelma Rine had made and sent down with the team. They were so happy to get these bags, they use them to carry vegetables and things home from the market.
The guys finished up the priming before we headed out.
Posing with the water tower that the church raised money to build.
On the way home from Las Delicias we stopped by the Tegucigalpa city dump. Many people make a living by coming here and finding recyclable material to sell. It is an unforgettable sight. We felt it was too dangerous to get out of the vehicles. We would have liked to have handed out some blessing bags but we probably would have started a riot. There were just too many people.
Sunday morning the team ministered in both the Tiloarque church and the Las Uvas church. They sang several special songs, played the offertory and gave testimonies. Pastor Matt Maloyed shared from the Word of God. Our people were greatly impacted by the testimonies and message. It was a great encouragement to everyone to see these young people serving the Lord.
The church people and the team stayed to eat lunch together after the morning service.
They then ministered at Las Uvas in the afternoon and again at Tiloarque that evening. It was a very special day and the services were marked with God's presence.
While everyone was there for lunch Joseph had his birthday cake to share with everybody. He was turning 8 the next day!
Monday was the team's free day. We took them to the city overlook at Picachu, took a stroll through the market and then headed to a tourist town called Valle de Angeles. While we were there we ate some scrumptious pupusas. A special patty filled with meat and cheese.
 Buying knives, machetes and souvenirs.
Even Daniel got a souvenir. A little guitar. He loves music and singing.
Taking a moment to enjoy an ice cream.
Monday night we came home to celebrate Joseph's birthday.
Ethan striking out on the piñata. It was so much fun.
Joseph loves dressing up like a clown. So he dressed up for his birthday. It was amazing to see how many of the young people had phobias of clowns.
What a great ending to a great day!
Tuesday morning we had to say good-bye. We sure enjoyed having this team with us. We want to say a big thank you to them, to their parents and to the church for sending us some top-notch young people who did a fantastic job. May God bless you for all your hard work!!


Dorcas said...

It sounds like it was a busy, but very productive time with the group of youth that came from Beavertown! That is awesome!!

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