Work Team from Pa

We so enjoyed having three young people from the Millmont God's Missionary Church come for a week to help us with a work project. They were great young people and a lot of fun.
Their goal was to help us build a Sunday School room on the front part of our lot in Las Uvas. Hannah has been wanting to start Sunday school classes with the children there but was unable to due to lack of rooms.
The room is a wood structure and all of the wood had to be treated with a special liquid. Joseph and Alana worked hard painting board after board.
These guys worked hard in the hot sun.
Setting the corner posts.
Some of our church guys came to help out as well. The guy in the back is Pablo, he directed the project.
Getting the floor ready for pouring.
During the week Alana also helped Hannah cut out flannel graph and organize the figures in a box.
Putting on the tin roof.
Pablo showed us how to do some amazing things with a machete. He proved to us again that you dare not live on the mission field without one.
Mixing up a batch of cement to start laying the floor.
One of Pablo's buddies came to help us the day we laid the floor.
The finished product is a 10x20 classroom.
This past Sunday Hannah got to use the building for the first time. The kids are so excited and I am sure this group is going to grow as the word spreads. Pray for these kids that we will be able to reach them for Christ.
Sunday afternoon after the service we looked up to see Daniel praying at the altar. There is no greater joy than to see your children seeking God. They might not understand a lot of things but they are tender enough to sense the tug of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that God will use our children for His glory!
On Saturday before the team left we did some sight-seeing and took them on a little tour of the market. We had an awesome week and we are thrilled for the new classroom in Las Uvas. Thank you young people for an excellent job and thank you Millmont GMC for all your support and prayers!!


Dorcas said...

That's awesome! So happy for Hannah that she now has a place to teach the children there.