General Update

I have some catching up to do. Lots of things going on around here, good things, exciting things. I just want to give a general update and get you caught up to speed. First off, in Las Delicias God has really been helping us. We are on the home stretch with the parsonage. The prophet's chamber on the back is getting finished up and then we will be left with painting and a few minor things.
The parsonage does not have any running water neither does any of the houses in the village. Getting water can be extremely difficult. Several years ago some of the men dug a hand dug well, it has never run dry and consistently brought them through dry spells. During my parent's visit my dad took it upon himself to raise money to install a water system. We need a good pump in the well that will be able to fill a water tank which in turn will gravity feed our parsonage and several other houses. We had a water company come and do a study and give us a quote of nearly $3,500 for the job. My dad took this project back to his church and to his friends and raised nearly $5,000! Praise God! So we will soon start working on the water project!
Wanted to throw in here a picture of the cabinets my dad made. Here is how they turned out. Roberto and Jenny are thrilled!
God has really been blessing our services at Tiloarque. New people are attending and there has recently been new converts. Just this past Saturday we baptized two ladies. Here we are singing choruses during the service.
Getting ready to baptize Patty. She is a single mother. We have seen a radical change in her life.
Baptizing Isis. She is 15 and feels that God has called her to be a missionary. She has grown leaps and bounds in the faith!
On another note we had a huge answer to prayer. For close to two years we have struggled trying to get electricity hooked up in the Las Uvas church. It's a long story but basically we were not able to get electricity because the transformer was privately owned and because of the distance of the church from the main road. But finally after a lot of services with a gas lamp and flashlights we finally have electricity!! What a blessing to just walk in the door and flip a switch.