Vacation Time!

Well we didn't just work the whole time my parents were here. We took a much needed two day get-away to some cabins. It was so much fun to sit around a campfire, relax, play games and just have a great time.
Near the cabins where we stayed is the beautiful Pulhapanzak falls.
Enjoying a nice campfire.
Dan Dan pretending he is cooking hot dogs.
Joseph and I did some zip lining while at the cabins. The tour follows the river that flows next to the cabins but at the end you get to zip line 150 feet in the air over the waterfalls. So much fun!
Just hangin' out.
We also took a beautiful boat ride across Lake Yojoa. Absolutely gorgeous. Poor Daniel, his life jacket swallowed him up!
 Some of the beautiful scenes on our boat ride.
It just doesn't get any better!


The land is beautiful there. Those falls are breathtaking and there is no way I would zip line over them. ha ha