Update on Las Delicias

Today was another work day in Las Delicias. We need to put one and a half more rows of adobes and we will be ready to start working on the roof. But today we ran out of adobes and it will take us probably another two weeks to make another 200 and have them dried and ready to use. But at least the end is in sight.
The people are anxious to help and are excited that they are going to have their own church. Some of the ladies came today to help haul water for mixing mud. It was a big help.
Even the kids were excited to help out.
A bird's eye view of the work.
Roberto has been on site just about every Saturday since day 1. He is a hard worker!!
The people were telling me about some really sweet watermelons that were for sale at a nearby farm. They all wanted to go so we drove down to buy some watermelons for .50 a piece!!Mmmmm and were they ever good!
This is how I felt tonight after we finished working.


Dorcas said...

You are really making progress on the Church!! That is great!! And that's a big pile of watermelons :o)