Casting the Net

Last Saturday after doing some work on the Delicias church a few of us guys went out to this pond to do some net fishing. Now I love to fish and it had been a long time since I got the chance so I was pretty excited to go with them. The only thing was is that they were going to net fish since they don't have rods and reels. That was a whole new experience but a lot of fun. I only got one small fish after a few tosses so I left them handle the nets and I carried the fish. haha.
One method was to set up a trap with the nets while another guy comes along smacking and splashing the water to scare the fish into the nets. This was the least successful method.
The bottom border of the net is weighted down to make it sink quicker into the water. The most successful method was walking through the pond casting the net. They pulled out some real whoppers!! I couldn't help but think of Jesus when He said, "follow me and I will make you fishers of men". Thinking about the different ways they tried to fish I can't help but relate it to ministry. Setting up traps and trying to scare people into repentance just is not a very effective method of reaching people. But with the solid preaching of the gospel and with lots of love we can usually see some real trophies of grace won to Christ.
We took home about 20lbs. of fish that day and oh man were they delicious!!!!


matannjess said...

great thought about the "way" to
'catch' men!