Last Weekend

 Praising God for an awesome weekend revival at Tiloarque. The Lord really helped Cruz and Israel as they ministered. Sunday morning Cruz preached a powerful message on total consecration. The altar was lined with seekers!! The services were well attended, we had people come from all three of our churches, some were there from Las Delicias for the very first time!! It was so neat to see our churches come together like that.
Everyone enjoyed the fellowship. There was a real spirit of unity.
Pastor Israel came in from San Pedro Sula to do the singing. He did a fantastic job. On Sunday afternoon he did a little mini concert in the church for about an hour. The people really enjoyed his singing.
Cruz Perez preached the Word with power and anointing.
On Saturday afternoon we were invited to attend Jireth's birthday party. She is one of our church girls who turned two. Her mother asked Hannah if she would make a cake with a Dora theme. Here is what she came up with. Dora is at the top making a painting. There is a gummy crocodile in the lake below. The kids really loved it!
The birthday girl Jireth.
Can't forget the piñata.
Sunday was an all day deal. We had service at 10:00 a.m. and then everybody stayed for dinner "on the grounds". Then at 2:30 p.m. Israel had an hour long concert and then at 4:00 p.m. was our evening service. It was a long day but a blessed one.
Here is where all the action was happening. The ladies served rice and chicken, rolls and salad. Mmmmm sooo good!!
Thanks to everyone who prayed for these special services. We definitely felt God's help and it was a real blessing!


Hannah did a great job on the fathers day dinner and the cake looks so cute!