A Day with Joseph in Las Delicias

For a long time now, Joseph has been wanting to go with me to Las Delicias and help work. Well, that day finally arrived this past Saturday. I was a little worried as to how well he was going to hold up in the hot sun but he really did a great job and helped quite a bit.
He helped me wet down the molds so we could start filling them with mud.
He even brought a pack lunch with him. Talk about a hard workin' man! haha.
We made 192 adobes! I believe this will be the last batch to finish up the church. We have one and a half more rows to put on and then we can start on the roof!!
This is Joseph's little house that he made out of some old adobes. He is sitting on the "couch". 
Filthy from head to toe. This is what he was looking like by lunch time.
Trying to get scrubbed up before eating lunch.
We caught some tad poles out of the pond to take home and raise. We were really excited and looking forward to watching them grow legs but by the next day they were all dead.
One of the guys wanted to catch a turtle out of the pond and take it home as a pet. Well they caught a turtle and they also caught this fish. They call it a "dirty fish" because of the spots on it's sides. They fried it up for us before heading it. It was pretty good.
Two very dirty, tired, sun-burned guys. Oh but what fun it was being together!


Jeanne said...

That is so neat..
What a great helper you have...

Dorcas said...

Joseph seems to be 100% boy :o) Cute pictures and great job on making the remainder of adobes for your Church!! Great!!

You can tell jojo was having fun!