An Incredible Weekend!

Saturday afternoon I headed for Sicuatepeque, a town two hours from us. I was to preach a weekend revival. Saturday night heavy rains hindered some from come to the service but nevertheless God really helped us. The singing was heart-felt, the guitar duo did a great job, and God helped me to preach.

Sunday morning on our way to the house we came upon a very terrible scene. Early in the morning about 2 a.m. a taxi driver had hit a man in the street. The brake marks were long and clear. Apparently he had hit the man and totally ran over him dragging his body. When we arrived on the scene it was about 8 a.m. this man had been laying there for about 6 hours dead. A small group of people had gathered, along with some of the man`s family who had died. I watched as a pickup truck backed up and several men loaded the body. The women were sobbing, one almost became uncontrollable, screaming not to take him. Tears filled my eyes. It was so sad. I had never seen anything like this in my life. Who was this man who had died? Did he know Jesus? Who is going to help this grieving family? Will the taxi driver ever be brought to justice? It was a gripping scene.

We went on to the Sunday morning service. Despite a sad and sickening morning God met with us once again. Pastor Roger Ortiz brought the morning message, talking about the family, it was a very good message. That afternoon we came to the pastors house where we enjoyed a good meal. All the food was cooked on a adobe stove. It was really good. What was especially tasty was the coffee, the pastor`s wife had a special way of making the coffee over the fire. It was great.

One of the games the children like to play here is the wooden top. Roger showed us his skill in being able to throw the top and catch it in his hands. I didn`t try my hand at it but it was neat to watch.

Sunday night was a wonderful service. God helped me to preach a message on Holiness. God`s presence was real. The people listened very attentively and at the end of the message I opened it up for questions. Some of the questions asked had to do with, can we sin again after we receive Holiness? Why do we need Holiness? Etc. After the questions I asked if anyone would like to pray and receive Holiness. Eight people came forward to pray. With tears streaming down their eyes, we gathered together and had a really good prayer time. It was so refreshing. It was a beautiful ending to a very wonderful weekend. Thank God for his help. It`s time to celebrate the victories!


Jeanne said...

Wow--Eric...what a weekend...
It was good to see that through it all, God was there to help you..

Steve Hight said...

One never knows what he'll find when he gets up in the morning, especially in places like Central America. Death is so bald, so pointed, compared to how we handle it in the U.S.

May the Lord add His grace to you as you labor in Honduras and preach a clear holiness message.

Anonymous said...

Exelente resumen de todo lo que paso, exelente trabajo.
el mensaje fue muy claro.
Dios le siga ayudando.

lizzie said...

Wow that is so sad about that guy!! Besides that I'm glad you had a good weekend!! Thank the Lord for helping you!!