Hannah's Random seven

I've been tagged as well so here it goes.

1. I've called three different countries "Home." I've moved 10 times in my life 8 in the last 10 years.
2. My dream car is a Red Corvet Convertible.
3. When I was a 5 or 6 years old my dad would bring home chicken hearts for me to dissect because i wanted to be a Dr.
4. I've done a lot of falling through the air. The first time was when I bungie jumbed on my senior tirp. The other was when I came through the attic cieling at Beavertown Church.
5. I've gotten 4 speeding tickets in one year. 3 of them within 2 months. One of them I got right in front of the Beavertown parsonage with Bro. Plank Eric and Doug laughing at me. Oh yeah That was also the time that the God's Bible School Choir was singing at the church and the choir bus went passed me as I was talking to the policeman. Talking about the policeman he was the same one that had given me a warning the week before.
6. I'm going to be an aunt again. Ask my sister Sarah about that.
7. I would love to travel around the world some day. I would love to visit the Taj Majal, Great Wall of China, Irland, New Zeland..... the list could go on and on.


Jeanne said...

Hannah, you have had quite an interesting life and your still very young...
Sitting in that boat looks like your still being very adventurous...
We love you...

I liked your random seven...feel like I know you a little better now.


Hannah, I don't think that I have met you or your husband, but I have heard your name's mentioned a lot. I live in Hobe Sound and I have a blog too. I will add you to my reader so I can read about your adventures. I believe life is an adventure and I am so thankful for the Lord and His guiding hand every day. We now have P.D. Wolf for our pastor and he has been preaching some soul stirring messages. We have had a big change in the church...a change for good. Pastor Peirpoint is now in evangelistic work and is doing well. We miss him, but are thankful for Pastor Wolf's guidence. You are welcome to go to my page and see my girls. God bless and be with you as you harvest the field for Him!!