Coming Home

Our boat trip home was much nicer. The boat was bigger and was roofed, much more comfortable. However, I was almost left behind. As I took the picture of the dock, the captain was firing up the engines and within minutes had the boat undocked and was headed out to sea. I quickly ran up to the men on the dock and told them I was going on the boat. Thankfully they got the captains attention and he came back for me. It was a close call. I took this picture of the boat from the dock as they were trying to get turned around to come back for me.

On our boat trip we got to meet a very nice guy named jas. He was born in India and as a young boy his family had moved to Canada where he grew up. He had been visiting a friend in Belize but also wanted to visit Honduras a few days. Since he didn't know anybody in Honduras we helped him out. We gave him a few pointers, took him with us to San Pedro Sula where we had supper together and dropped him off at a nice hotel. He was very appreciative of our help. We really enjoyed getting to know him. We exchanged emails and phone numbers. Hopefully we will keep in touch.


Jeanne said...

Eric--you almost missed the boat!!

Scott said...

I love the view looking down the the dock and out to sea. Looks like a tropical paradise. I'm coming down to visit. :)

Wow, that was quite a trip - thank the Lord for His protection and the way He's blessing your missionary endeavors. Joseph's a cutie!

Marc & Melodie & boys