Una Buena Profesora ( A Good Teacher )

It takes a lot of patience to teach a new language to two Americans who know very little Spanish. But we have a great teacher who has that patience and willingness to help us overcome this obstacle. Her name is Oneyda, she has been teaching Spanish for seven years. She has taught people from all over the world, Korea, China, Russia, Ireland, Canada and even Japan. She said the hardest to teach were the Irish because they would get upset when they couldn´t understand stuff and say Spanish was stupid. She was very intimidated by their Irish temper. She is doing a great job at helping us, she is very sweet and is going at a good pace for us to understand well. She had previously attended a Pentecostal church but now she no longer goes to church. She said that maybe in the future she will start going to church. Today in class she asked us questions about what we believe and I had the opportunity to tell her what we believe. Pray for Oneyda that the Lord would make her hungry to know more about Him.


Bethany said...

I see your last name on the board. Did you get in trouble?