Safe Arrival

We have safely arrived in Honduras. It was sad saying good-bye to family but the good news is that we will see them again in two months for the exciting arrival of our little baby.

We are staying with a national family who can´t speak any english. We have taught them a few words though. They are an older retired couple, and just as sweet as sugar. They treat us just like family.

We have also been enjoying our language studies. The teachers are terrific. We attend school every morning from 8-12. Hannah´s head hurts from trying to understand everything but she is doing a great job. She has already learned a lot and this is only our second day of classes. I´m sure she will be fluent in no time.

The weather is great, there is a constant breeze and the temperature is a steady 80 degrees. It´s nice and cool in the evening, sometimes even a little chilly.

We want to say thanks for your prayers, continue to pray for us that we would quickly learn the language and begin to effectively minister to the people.


lizzie said...

Hey Hannah and Eric,
It is so great to hear that you guys are doing well! Wow,your first day you meet the V-President!? I must admit that is all great, but i'm just wondering about one thing....Have you bought any guns yet? b/c if you haven't i can prolly get a good deal here in the's like buy 5 get one free, so let me know about that okay before I come down there it's very important!! Hahaaa J/k!! Keep up the great work! Love you guys!!!

sheila 1 said...

congrats on the baby!!!! if you had it there it would be a national ,just a thought. i knew somone who did that in mexico. all the best to you both. the donation envelope is on the dining room table so it's on the way out. you will find this to be the most rewarding time of your lives rewards far superior to money

Dennis & Dorcas said...

Hey Eric & Hannah,
I found your blog through your Mom's!! Very exciting all that's happening with you. Seeing the Vice President and having been on your flight! Wow! And the new baby arriving before too awful long!! Hope all goes well for you both. We'll be praying for you!

Scott said...

I'm so glad you made it there safely and that things are going well. It's all so good to know. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in the coming weeks.

Bethany said...

Love your blog! You're in my thoughts and prayers! Tell Hannah she looks awesome to be as pregnant as she is! :)