School Daze

Are you claustrophobic? If you are you would go nuts riding the buses here in Honduras. As you can see they love to pack these things until it about explodes. Usually every morning we ride the bus to school. We first have to walk to the bus stop, ride the bus and then continue walking to the school. The whole trip takes about 25 minutes. The bus ride is the most exciting though. You stand in the middle of the aisle, hold a rail and hang on for a wild ride. People are trying to squeeze past you to get in and out, you constantly have to keep an eye on your wallet, things can easily disapper. The other day the bus was so full we could barely move. It can be very uncomfortable having so many bodies pressing against yours. But at least it is much cheaper than a taxi.


mark kennedy said...

Hey this is uncle Mark [Home Depot]
I was looking at your blogspot and really enjoyed it. I can tell you guys are going to be really happy. I will check it out from time to me sometime ok. I'm getting ready togo work on grandpa's van. Grandpa is sitting here with me reading this blogspot with me. He enjoyed it to.