Trip to Hobe Sound

In October I was invited to speak at the Hobe Sound Bible Church's missions convention. The boys were excited to make the trip to Florida. They love to travel!!
Our little "curious George" checking out the finger print scanner at the airport. We have to keep a constant eye on this guy.
Joseph had gotten permission from his school to be absent for a week and they gave him his list of make-up work. Here he is feverishly trying to get it all done before boarding the plane. He was able to get it all done before leaving.
This was the kind of stuff we had to deal with almost the whole flight. He was up and down in his chair, pulling the tray down, getting the magazines out of the pouch etc. He was so excited!
Hannah's family met up with us in Hobe Sound. We had a blast hanging out together. Here we are playing a crazy game together.
We certainly felt God's help during the convention. God challenged and spoke to many hearts.
This is just a little idea of what it was like when you try to take a picture of seven kids five of them are three and under! Needless to say it was chaos in the sand!
Two happy little boys. 
We found buried treasure!
We visited an animal reserve where the boys got to pet a skunk and other animals.
It was so nice to visit with "grandma and grandpa" Yearian. They have always been a special part of Hannah's family. We got to go out to Golden Corral with them and spend some time together.