Marriage Seminars

After our trip to Hobe Sound, we were privileged to be visited by Butch Heath director of Crisis Family Care. He was here to hold two marriage seminars, one in the church at Las Delicias and the second one in our church at Tiloarque.
The parsonage in Las Delicias is finally finished and painted. This was their very first marriage seminar. We started on a Wednesday afternoon with a session for youth. Then in the evening was the session for adults.
Here was the group of teens that attended the Wednesday and Thursday youth sessions. Pray for these teens that they will really sell out to God and mind Him.
The really neat thing about all of this is that three years ago when pastor Heath did a marriage seminar in Tiloarque Roberto and Jenny came to the sessions to get help for their marriage. They liked the church and continued to attend and later got saved. Today they are pastoring the church in Las Delicias and had their own marriage seminar for their people. It is amazing how God works!
Some of the couples renewing their vows at the end of the seminar.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday pastor Heath ministered in Tiloarque. Here are some of the ladies who got the church decorated for the seminar.
On Sunday morning after hearing a powerful message from pastor Heath, the church people stayed for lunch and fellowship.
We are so grateful to Brother Heath and his ministry, it was a huge blessing to all who attended!!