Hannah's Mother Comes to Visit

When we returned from Hobe Sound, Hannah's mother returned with us. We have so enjoyed having her in our home. She is planning to spend Thanksgiving with us then return to the States on the first of December.
 She has been able to go with us on several trips while she has been here. She went along with us to the North Coast of Honduras where we visited a couple that is interested in allowing us to use some of their property for possibly a small business to help fund the work. This was our first time to see the North Coast. What a beautiful place!
Enjoying the view at Tela.
Hector and Beatrice are part of a minority group here in Honduras called the Garifuna. The Garifuna were brought from West and Central Africa as slaves during the colonization era. They mostly inhabit the Caribbean and the coast of Central America. They still speak their own dialect and hold on to many of their traditions. It was very interesting to try their foods. One meal was called machuka. They smash plantains in a bowl, then they take the mass and make little balls out of it that they put in a fish soup. We tried many new and interesting things while we visited in their home.
Hector's backdoor leads out to this beach and beautiful view!
They are happy in their little paradise.
The church where Hector and Beatrice attend worships both in Garifuna and Spanish. Here is a little taste of what it is like. They are using turtle shells as instruments.
Mom almost lost a hand to a hungry shark!
We also got away one night to some of our most favorite cabins here in Honduras. We enjoyed roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.
Breakfast at the cabins. Look at that bean face!!!!
Fun in the sun.
Our little get-away place. The perfect place to unwind.
We also got to show grammy the famous Pulhapansak Falls!!
What a gorgeous day for a drive to Lake Yojoa.
Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras.
You can't visit the lake without eating some delicious fried Tilapia. Yummmy!
We took a relaxing boat ride out to the middle of the lake.
It doesn't get any better than this!
The boys have loved having their grammy here, especially when they make cookies together.
 Does anybody know these two clowns?
Playing a game of air hockey with Dan Dan.
She has been such a blessing. Her testimony in our services, her friendliness with the people, helping out around the house, she has touched many hearts.