Potporri of Pictures

Deputation has been going very well. We have had some very good services and God is helping us to reach our goals. In the mix of the traveling and speaking we have also had some family time. Back in June we took a week vacation with Hannah's family and did some camping. We had a really good time and it was nice to have a change of pace.
Hannah's aunt and uncle allowed us to use their camper and Scott and Sarah brought their camper.
There was a lot of good cooking on the fire. Plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers to go around.
The cousins sure had a good time playing together, riding bikes and making great memories.
Having fun with sparklers and poppers.
We also had a blast boating and riding jet skis. It was perfect weather for a ride on the boat.
Splish splashin' and having fun.
I haven't fished in probably four or five years so it felt good to get a rod and reel out and try my luck at pulling in a big one. Well I didn't get the whopper but I did catch this little cat fish. It sure was fun.
While visiting with our good friends Wes and Jana Cressman we took a tour of a Bible museum with wax figures and scenes from the Old and New Testament. Here are Joshua and Caleb bringing grapes back from their visit to the promise land.
At the museum was this very interesting piece of art. The picture itself is made by a man who hand wrote the entire new testament.
A closer look reveals that the picture is made up of only the words of the New Testament. It was amazing!
I was intrigued by this painting of Noah. There was a lot of symbolism in the different people who are listening.
We spent a weekend in Indianapolis preaching a weekend revival at the Spanish church. On Saturday evening several area Spanish churches came together for a rally and afterwards we had a big fellowship meal. We had a wonderful time.
We were privileged to eat lunch and visit with Glen and Helen Reiff. They are just dear friends and it was so nice to catch up on life.
June 30th was Joseph's 7th birthday! We had a big bash for him. Here he is with grandma and grandpa Kennedy.
The theme of the party was Monster Inc.
Uncle John did some awesome grillin'.
One of the highlights of the party was the huge slip and slide!
I love this picture of Joseph and Mimi.
It's hard to believe he is seven years old!!
One of his favorite gifts was this pistol BB gun.
Last Sunday we had a service in Shelbyville, Indiana and we met up with some of my cousins. We all got together for lunch and had a great time visiting.
Two great Joseph's who share the same birthday, June 30th!
On our way back to Pa we stopped at Cabelas.
Visiting Sub-Sahara Africa at Cabelas.
Lions defending their kill from wild Hyenas.
What a surprise to meet up with Hannah's cousin Ana and her family! It was nice seeing them again, it has been a long time.