The Pioneer Reunion

Well howdy ya'll. I'de like to tell ya about our family reunyan we had there the other week. We had a hootin' hollerin time. The theme was pioneer days. Well we had one injun show up, his name was little bear. He broke his tomahawk trying to scalp us.
We even had a rootin tootin bull ride. Boy that bull went a swingin' and a jumpin' all over the place.
Then the yungens had to help do the warshin. Like they say around here if you don't work you don't eat.
We had a few wagon trains pull into camp just in time for some pulled pork sandwiches and a pot of beans.
This ol'e varmint came in over heads on a tree limb. It sure scaret the girls. You would of thought it was a buffalo stampede.
Here is the critter that caused such a ruckus. I would have put a hole through his head with my six shooter but the town folk decided to let him go out in the woods.
Trying our luck at a game called corn hole.
Injun's and cowboys running a sack race.
Then we all headed out to Jake's claim where we panned for gold. They struck it rich!! Some of them there cowboys walked away millionaires.
Those who struck it rich got to spend their penny nuggets at the local mercantile store.
I'se never seens a store with so many goodies. 
Little bear turning in his penny nuggets for some candy and an apple.
This sure was just a right down good day. I hope we have another shin dig soon.


Jeanne said...

What fun!
I bet Joseph loved that...