June Deputation

June 1st we had a very interesting service in Columbus, Ohio. That Sunday morning the service was held at a local park. This church was started by a man who told Bible stories to a group of children that met in a vineyard. So every year the church remembers it's roots by holding an outdoor service.
Immediately after our service pastor Robbins married a young couple from the church. Our first time to have a deputation service at somebodies wedding. haha.
That Sunday evening we had a service at Mount Eaton, Ohio where we caught up with our good friend Jim Helems. There is an interesting story behind our friendship. Jim had been one of our blog followers. He knew all about our story and prayed for us faithfully. He had been a missionary in Honduras years ago and took an interest in our ministry. Then a year ago he came to Honduras to visit some of his old friends and decided to contact us. Ever since then we have been good friends and he invited us to have a service at his church. It's amazing how God works.