Our Trip to Nicaragua

Bright and early on Friday morning, Baudilio, Roberto, Pablo, myself and Joseph headed off to Salamají, Nicaragua to help pastor Julio work on an adobe church and to hold evening revival services. For Baudilio and Roberto this was their very first trip to Nicaragua, needless to say, they were super excited.
Julio has been preparing a site in a village called Achuapas. He has been holding services in a house there for several years, now they will soon have their own church building to worship in. Here he is laying the first adobe.
Laying the first row.
Our guys worked hard. I was so proud of them. They really enjoyed being there and helping out.
Joseph spent most of his time playing with Obed, Julio's son. 
I want to keep my life in "plum" with the Word of God. I don't want to stray to either side.
On Friday we only had time to lay two rows before having to get ready for the evening service.
God really helped us in the services. The church is celebrating it's 8th year! The Lord has really blessed Julio and his ministry.
I love how these people sing!! They give it their all. Baudilio loved playing in the services.
I took several air mattress and we all camped out in the church. Joseph was really looking forward to this part of the trip.
Nothing like country living. Showers with a hose, outhouses, and getting woke up by the roosters. There is nothing like it.
Saturday morning we headed back to the work site to lay another three rows.
Saturday while we were working on the church, Joseph and Obed headed to the swimming hole. It was a hot day and the boys had a blast!
He had the time of his life.
All in all we were able to help get five rows up. Now it needs a few days of sun to really harden before they continue to lay any more rows.
Some beautiful country!
I loved the color of this horse. I would have liked to have taken it for a ride.
I took the guys to a house in San Fernando where the Sandinistas took control during the Contra-Sandinista War during the 80's. In the basement of this house you can still see names, dates, and drawings of guns on the walls from some of the prisoners who were kept. In the backyard you can still see bullet holes in the wall. We dug out some of the bullets to take home as souvenirs.
I thank the Lord for his help during the revival. Several got help and there were three people saved.
We ended the revival with a good altar service.


Kristen A. said...

Great to hear the update and hear about and see that familiar church again. :-) Can't wait to go back there either,and also hopefully reunite with my little friend Camil. Excited though that I did choose to wait and now have the opportunity to go to the Amazon. So far, so good. God is certainly working things out again... :-)

debbie said...

Again, my heart was overflowing with joy, for there is no greater joy than to see your children walk in truth. God is so good. Just watching Joseph so excited about the things he is doing at his age for Jesus blesses me. Oh how I wish I could have been there to hear you preach and Bro. Baudillo....May God give him many years of health. Thanking God for His protection over all of you.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful trip..and im glad Joseph got to go too..