Daniel's 1st Birthday

Daniel is the big 1!!! Can you believe it? This week seemed like a big celebration. It all started on Tuesday, Hannah made frog cupcakes to give to all the kids and their parents at therapy class. They all sang to him and wished him many more years!
We decided to have the big party until Saturday when more people could attend. The theme was farm, so Hannah and I made a big barn out of cardboard and set up a little photo op in our living room. Our next door neighbor had the cow piñata made and it looked so cute with our barn.
A happy little boy.
Daniel is learning cow talk.
He was the center of everybody's attention. He wasn't sure what to do.
Hannah did an awesome job on the cake as usual. She worked so hard. If you look really close you can see where the farmer plowed lines in the field. Most everything is edible except of course the people, animals and the roof on the barn, we made it out of Styrofoam.
Getting ready to plant.
What a crew! These kids had a blast.
Hannah made spaghetti for everybody, it was so good.
Then it was time for the piñata, Daniel got the first hit.
He tried so hard to break that thing but it was tough. It took a pretty bad beating until it broke.
It's every man for himself.
By cake time Daniel was ready for a good nap. I actually had to wake him up so we could cut the cake, he was sooo tired.
Along with all the treats we gave out, each kid got a Bible story book. 

It was a great week. I hit the big 30 on Friday, I guess I was kinda included in the party as well. So all week long it was cake and parties and we ended it with a big shebang.  We thank God for Daniel's first year and wish him many many more!! Happy Birthday Daniel!


Jeanne said...

What a neat party...love it..
Great backdrop and neat cake...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eric and Daniel. Steve

debbie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. Everything looked so great. Grammy is so proud of her little man. Happy Birthday Daniel. May you have at least 100 more.

debbie said...

Happy Birthday to you too Eric. I want you to know that we love you and so happy that you are our son (in-law) You have brought joy and excitement to our family. Can't wait to see you all.

Dorcas said...

Ahh!! I can't believe that Daniel is one already!! Where does time go? And the party looks like it was a lot of fun. Hannah did an awesome job on the cake!!