Lord, hear our prayer

God has been blessing in some wonderful ways lately. Just Sunday night a young man who recently started attending our church gave his heart to Christ. We have sensed a special presence of the Lord helping us and guiding us. Since about November we have seen a steady influx of new people coming to our Tiloarque church. It's exciting to watch God work. I had to buy more chairs because our little church was filling up. Now we are running out of room. There is no where else to go with chairs. Our prayer request to the Lord this year is that he would help us find a new place where we can either remodel or build a church. Land is very expensive where we are located and we don't have that kind of cash to go out and buy something. But we serve a great big and wonderful God. Will you help us pray that the Lord will supply this need and give us a permanent place where we can expand and grow the ministry. I don't know how or when but I know He is going to answer this prayer in a marvelous way to bring glory and honor to His name. Thank you for your prayers.


debbie said...

I can't wait to see how OUR GOD us going to provide this time. Just as He has time and time again. So excited about what is going on. My heart just aches sometimes to come.

Kristen said...

Will be praying!