Christmas in January!!!!!!!

 The Beavertown God's Missionary Church, our home church in Pennsylvania sent us two big boxes full of Christmas gifts. Maureen Slavens is the missionary director at the church and organized this special show of love. We had so much fun opening up our gifts it was like having Christmas all over again.
Joseph was so excited he could hardly wait to open up the gifts!
A fire truck for Daniel. He loved it!!
 Joseph got a lot of nice gifts too. Books, clothes, matchbox cars, coloring books etc.
What a blessing!! A few of the things that we received were jumper cables, a clock, candles, slippers, pans, doilies, home decor, a calendar, monthly planner, music cd's, Bible stickers, and much more. THANK YOU BEAVERTOWN GOD'S MISSIONARY CHURCH!!!!! WE appreciate it sooo much!


Jeanne said...

that was really nice!

Jason said...

Did it not arrive on time for Three Kings Day? or whatever holiday Coasta Ricans celebrate?

Jason said...

Sorry I did not finish what I meant to say, I meant to add that maybe the Beavertown Church was trying to be culturally conscious.

How thoughtful...and how exciting for you guys! =)

debbie said...

Wow! Now that was a blessing. So thoughtful and gracious. I am so happy for all of you. Loved the little video at he end. Daniel looks so big in these pictures.

Wow! That is so great. It is hard to explain what love or care packages mean when you are in a foreign country by yourselves for a Holiday. Bet the boys did have a ball digging into the boxes. Miss you all.

Daniel and Tiffany

Joanna said...

That was really nice!! How exciting is it to have Christmas in Jan!! That was very thoughtful! The boys look really excited and happy!!

Dorcas said...

Very nice of them!!