In the pits!

Saturday was a big work day in Las Delicias. Our goal for the day was to make 200 adobes! I made a big appeal to the people on Thursday night at our service to help us out. I brought four of my guys from Tegucigalpa and headed out at 5:30 a.m.
We had an awesome turn-out! There were about six guys from Delicias plus us five from Tegucigalpa. After a word of prayer we hit the mud pit and things began to happen. These guys had a mind to work.
This was Pablo's first time to make adobes. He seemed to really enjoy it but by the end of the day his back was really hurting.
I kept thinking of the Israelites and their captivity in Egypt. They must have worked something like this.
We set a record and made 360 adobes!!!! We have a total now of 550. I think we will soon start laying block on the church. I can't wait to see this thing finished!
  This was my snack before heading home. They made me fried mustard greens with eggs. Everyone was saying how awesome mustard greens were, I told them I had never tried it. Well, I tried it. You know what? It was actually pretty good. It tasted like spinach.


Jeanne said...

Lot's of hard work there...
The greens look good...