A Visit from John Dykes

We really enjoyed a visit from H.I.M. vice president John Dykes. He spent the weekend with us visiting our churches, getting to know our people and just spending time together talking.

We also spent a few days in Nicaragua with Julio Villareyna and his people. We had a really good time. 

Bro. Dykes giving greetings to the Nicaragua church. Rigoberto Vasquez also accompanied us, he is the director of the H.I.M. spanish churches. He spoke that evening in the service.

I had to take a picture of this family. They walked three hours to be with us for the evening service and then walked two hours back home. I took them part way back in the car but it was still a long walk home. They make the walk every Sunday to be at church. Their dedication is amazing!


Jeanne said...

walking 3 hours to church convicts me...We travel 30 minutes and that seems long...may I never complain again...