The Revival Report

We came through an amazing revival!! God's presence was felt in every service. It was just what we needed. People were praising God, praying at the altar and drawing nearer to the Lord. God also witnessed to us that He is going to heal Sandra from cancer and this week we are starting to see the miracle come true. There is not time or space to tell about it all but it truly is amazing. We were honored to have Luis Miranda and his family as our evangelist and singers. They did a phenomenal job. He is president of the I.C.H.A. churches here in Honduras. His wife and two daughters have a music ministry and have recorded several albums. It was a joy to have them here.
God's presence came in a powerful way during the special song. The Lord really touched our hearts. 
 Brother Miranda has a Saturday radio broadcast in San Pedro Sula. The radio station is also heard online. He broadcasted live from our church. He asked us to share in the program so Hannah gave a little bit of our testimony and then spoke in Arabic for any Arab listeners. I then got to preach for the first time on the radio. I was pretty excited. In this picture they are receiving calls for requests and greetings to be shared on the air.
Preaching my first sermon on the air. God helped me, one man called and said that God had touched his heart through the message. My mother-in-law and my parents were listening on-line. Technology is amazing!
 Saturday we had a baptismal service. We baptized three new converts. God has been working wonders in their lives. It is so exciting to see them change and now take part in leading the services.
 Baptizing Edwin. He has a real interest in becoming a pastor. I'm hoping that some day he will be pastoring one of our churches. Pray for him and his wife Sherlee.
 Edwin's wife Sherlee getting baptized. They are a wonderful young couple that God is going to use.
 Lourdes (She is from our second church), Sherlee and Edwin
 Sunday we had a big lunch for all of our people. Our church is celebrating two years!! Yolanda is preparing the rice that we ate with our chicken and salad. It was very good!
 One of the little boys enjoying every bite. Notice the rice on his chin. haha!
 Before the Mirandas went home we took them site seeing. Here are some pics of Joseph at some of the places where we stopped.
 We went to a children's museum where kids get dress up and do a lot of fun things, Joseph decided to be a tiger.
 It's a bird, it's a plane it's....super Eric
 Is anybody missing an intestine?


Amazing! My heart was blessed as I read about the revival. Also the pictures of the baptism.....Wow! Well, Praise the Lord for all that He has done! Just what I needed to hear and see.

Luis Miranda! He is a great preacher! We had him a few years ago here for revival. Thanks for the tip of the online radio broadcast. What is the website?