Mother's Day Banquet

Saturday night was a very special event. We hosted our very first Mother's Day banquet. Earlier in the week Hannah had mentioned that it would be great to have a special supper for the mother's of the Sunday school children. So plans were made and we sent out invitations. We had 18 mothers show up! For some of them it was the very first time for us to meet.

Hannah did a fantastic job cooking and preparing for the meal. She cooked a spaghetti supper with garlic bread, salad, topped off with a flower shaped brownie. We converted our living room into a banquet hall. The whole theme was centered around the garden. We even gave little ceramic watering pots as favors.

As the ladies arrived, we had each one give their name, tell us how many children they have and a few details they cared to share about themselves. The potted flowers on the tables were given out as door prizes. The first went to Doña Marta for having the most children. A total of 10!! The other plant went to Heidi, she was the newest mother. For the other two plants we had a drawing.

After the meal, I shared a message about Hannah and her prayer for Samuel. God definitely helped me. I could sense God speaking to several of the ladies.

Before going home, we invited those who didn't attend church to come and join us in our weekly services. Please pray that some of these ladies will begin attending and give their hearts to Christ.

The whole event was just a wonderful time. We were able to build some new friendships that I feel will bear fruit in time to come.


jeanne said...

What a great endeavor.
I'm sure this was alot of work for Hannah, but these ladies will never forget what you did.
It looks like a very nice banquet, wished I could have been there too..

I can hardly see to type. I am so proud of you both. My heart is overwhelmed with joy,for the things you all are doing.Every thing looks absolutely beautiful. May God continue to Bless all of your endeavors.

What a great idea! It looks so pretty!!

Gayle said...

Great Job ! Everything looks so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a great idea. I cant wait to see the fruit that comes from this time shared with ladies. It is often the friendship that you make that "bloom" into something else. :) Will be praying for you all.


What an exciting, creative way to make new friendships and touch lives with the gospel! You all are doing a fantastic job, and it is obvious that God is blessing your faithful sacrifice and service to Him and others.
Everything looked just beautiful - I'm sure it was a very special time for those ladies and something they won't forget!