Our First Church Picnic

After a long week of bible studies, dealing with bad traffic, passing out brochures, city smog, preparing for Sunday school, and dealing with a two year old cooped up in a small house, we like to take Mondays and spend it together as a family outside the city. Today was no different except for the fact that we decided to spend it with the two gentlemen that have been attending our service.

We took our grill with us and I brought some frijoles (refried beans) semi-seco queso (a semi-hard white cheese) chimol (a tomato, chili, and onion salad.) and rice. Eric grilled some meat and together we enjoyed a wonderful meal.

After the meal the guys decided that they wanted to play frisbee. Brother Baudilio had never played this before, but he really enjoyed himself.

Teaching people how to live as Jesus wants them to does not always come from bible studies. Sometimes these people need to see real people living the Christian life. They need to see that as Christians we can have good clean fun. They need to see how we interact with our families. If the only time they see us is when they come for bible study, how can they see the practicality of truths they are being taught. So this little picnic might not seem much in our eye, but only the Lord knows how it will impact these two men's lives.


You are so right! I love that perspective.

mom said...

very good...

Sounds like you all had fun. I bet Joseph had a wonderful time too. Serving Jesus is not a bore,this way of Holiness is better than the highest, most fastest roller coaster that I have ever ridden. (that was my most favorite thing to do, when I was out in the world)Why, you never know what the Lord has in store for us each day if we stay true and obey.

Dorcas said...

What a wonderful way to show God's love to your new converts!