Catracho Life

Today was a fun day. We decided to give mom a taste of catracho life. Catracho is just another name for Hondurans. So today she ate a burrito manzo with yucca, rice, and chismol. She really likes the yucca root.

We then took a bus ride into the market. Most Hondurans have to use bus transportation because they cannot afford vehicles. While on the bus we had a little wreck with a motorcyclist. Mom saw the whole scene. Some guy tried to pass between our bus and another oncoming bus. He apparently hit the bumper and whiped out nearly falling beneath the wheels of our bus. It was quite a commotion. But the rider was ok, he picked up his bike, pulled himself together and kept going.

Once we got to the market we visited our Arab friend Arlett. She and mom jabbered in Arabic for a good half hour while I just smiled and tried to keep Joseph out of trouble.

The market is just a whole other world. Mom said it reminds her of what Jordan was like in the late 70's. People were grabbing our arms trying to sell us things. It kinda gets annoying after awhile. But we enjoyed our time together today and came home tuckered out.


Michelle said...

That is awesome! It looks like Sister Debbie is having a blast!!!!!

Dorcas said...

The picture of Hannah holding Joseph on her lap on the bus ~ he looks sooooooooo much like Eric when he was little like that!! What a little darling his Grandma has to spoil while there!!

Dorcas said...

It's me again! The food looks delicious!!

lizzie said...

mom doesn't know a stranger, does she?! :)