Pig Farm Project

For a mission field to be able to blossom it is crucial that it becomes financially independent. Many have made the mistake in thinking that every bill, every project, and every salary must come from funds in the United States. That practice is known as "grandfather missions". As a new work is born obviously just like a new born baby it will be dependent upon the missionary for guidance, funds and vision. But as the work matures so should its financial independence, allowing for personal motivation, and self-support. We are seeking to lay a solid foundation for our works in Honduras, not only theologically but also financially. We want to provide the "tools" that will allow the pastors and churches to stand on their own two feet so to speak and not continually expect hand-outs. The story of Peter and John in the Bible come to mind. When the beggar asked them for alms Peter said, "silver and gold have I none, but what I have give I thee..." Those early apostles were not about hand-outs and humanitarian feel-good missions. But they didn't turn a blind eye to the needs around them either. They showed the poor and helpless God's power. They showed people that  money was not their solution but God was. That is the message we want to make to our people. That through prayer, faith and hard work they can see their churches grow and prosper, not because of American money but because of God's power and their ability to work.

We would like to present to you the "Pig Farm Project". The idea is to buy land near our Las Delicias church that would be suitable to raise pigs. Pastor Roberto would be given the job of overseeing the farm and getting the pigs sold to the butcher. He would receive a set salary from the income of the farm and the rest would return to a revolving fund to be used for the upkeep of the project and to start other farms in the future to benefit other pastors. Your investment would continue to give and to give. If you would like to give to help us get this project off the ground and help us work towards more financial independence there are several ways you can give. 1)You can give online using our Paypal button on the sidebar or follow this link. Be sure to specify when you pay online that your gift is for the 'kuhns pig farm project'. 2) You can send your check to Hope International Missions P.O. Box 1065 Hobe Sound, FL 33475 You can make your check payable to HIM and be sure to put in the memo 'kuhns pig farm project'. 100% of your donation will go to the project and you will be sent a tax deductible receipt. 3) You can look us up personally while we are home on deputation through September. My cell phone # is 772-486-4803. My email is kuhns@inbox.com

The following video explains a little about pastor Roberto's testimony and our plans for the farm.