Hanging Out with the Fam

Now that the busyness of camp has subsided we have been able to slow down a few notches. My parents and my brother Scott came and spent a few days with us. This is the house that the mission rented for us while we are in Florida. It is a great place and already feels like home.
Daniel had fun putting his sticker book together that Nana and Pap gave to him.
On Saturday we went to West Palm Beach and spent the day at the zoo. It's always great to see the amazing nature and creation that God made.
Getting some nourishment before heading off to see the zoo.
Ready for mystery and adventure.
First is the cuddly fuzzy grizzly bear that was rescued from Yellowstone.
Dad can I have a quarter to feed the ducks??
Enjoying the merry-go-round.
The kid is growing too fast!!! Is there a pause button somewhere?
This looks like a scene straight out of the jungles of Honduras.
Dan Dan got to play on an old Ford tractor.
We got to see a very interesting bird show. The birds did some unique tricks.
Giving a tip to a very intelligent crow. This guy knew his shapes and was great at problem solving.
"Mardi" the white alligator.
It was great hanging out with my brother Scott.
In the evening we stopped at some brand new outlets in West Palm Beach. We found some great deals!!