Weekend in Guatemala

I was invited to speak at an EFM church in La Maquina, Guatemala on the topic of holiness. It was draining 15 hour drive to reach our destination but praise the Lord we had a very good trip. Roberto went along with me and it was first time to see El Salvador and Guatemala. Here he is talking with Eduardo, this family housed us during our stay.
There were lots of chickens, ducks and turkeys running around the house and roosting right outside of our bedroom window. The stalks in the background is sesame. Sesame seeds is one of the main incomes in this part of the country.
In each service we were blessed with some wonderful singing. On the right is pastor Ruben Segura and a man from his church. They make a great duo!
God helped in the services as I spoke on the two types of sin, the steps to holiness and the benefits of having holy hearts.
 We had some very special altar services as people sought God for a holy heart.

The Sunday morning crowd.
The church was just ten minutes from the Pacific Ocean.
Pastor Ruben and his family. We had a great weekend with some great people!!