Special Visitors

We were highly honored to have Glenn and Helen Reiff come for a week long visit. After more than forty years in mission work and ministry we couldn't help but sit enraptured as they talked about their experiences and gave us their advice. Just absolutely wonderful people.
During the week we visited the different churches and Bro. Reiff preached. Here he is preaching in Las Delicias to a full house!
The weekend that they were here Bro. Reiff preached an anniversary revival at Las Uvas. The services were well attended and God moved on the hearts of the people as Bro. Reiff talked about our need to be right with God. Several got help at the altar.
Saturday afternoon of the revival. We had a special children's service.
Sis. Reiff talked about the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly and how God can transform our lives.
The children hung on to her every word!
Thank you Bro. and Sis. Reiff for your ministry. You are an inspiration to us all!!