Zoo Won't Believe What We Saw

Time is quickly ticking and in just a few weeks we will be heading back to Honduras to start our next term. Before we leave we wanted to get away and so something special with Hannah's family. So we decided to spend a few days in Columbus, Ohio. We heard the zoo there has been rated #1 in the country for the last two years. It is definitely one of the nicest zoos we have ever seen. A great place!
Our gang ready to explore the amazing zoo!
Daniel was excited to see the wetlands.
Joseph crawled out of a prairie dog hole and was almost eaten by a wolf!
The petting zoo was a lot of fun. Plenty of goats and sheep.
God's beautiful creation.
I think the petting zoo was Daniel's favorite part of the whole place. He loved it!
We took a train ride around the North American section of the zoo. We saw some moose along the ride as we headed into the Klondike.
Cute little Skyler enjoying the view of the fish in the Polar Bear's pond.
Look at all those fish!!

How did Joseph get to the North Pole? That kid is always getting into trouble.
These beavers were doing flips and showing off in the water. They were a blast!
I don't remember the name of this bird but we loved it's awesome colors.
Chillin' with the King of the Jungle.
Hey mom, look, it's Barbara Manatee.
I don't think I would trust this guide driving our Safari.
A little china man with his rickshaw.
We had an apesolutely wonderful time!


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