Our Chunk of Time in the Big Apple

We took two days to visit the Big Apple. It was nice to change pace a little. Joseph had never seen the Statue of Liberty and he was really looking forward to it. Here is a little bit of our trip.
Dan Dan chilling on the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty.
Still thankful for our freedom. Though it seems to be eroding more and more each day, thank God for the freedom we still have.
We stopped by Staten Island and took a stroll on the boardwalk. There were lots of guys fishing. It was just a neat place to hang out.
It's always interesting to see the different vendors and entertainers on the streets. There were some really amazing artists in Times Square.
Times Square!
Here is a little tidbit that I learned. Did you know it is incorrect to say Grand Central Station? It is not a station it is a terminal. The largest train terminal in the United States. Don't call it Grand Central Station call it Grand Central Terminal.
The view from the top of the Empire State Building! Getting to the top was a feat in itself. The elevator went so high so fast my ears popped!
Little Italy!
We stopped and ate lunch at what looked like a Mafia meeting place. The restaurant served amazing food. This was my personal pizza, it was heavenly. Hannah got lasagna and she said it was the best lasagna she has ever eaten! An unforgettable experience.
It felt like we were really in Europe somewhere. Such a great place.
You really need to experience the sights and smells of Chinatown. Very unique.
One of the highlights for me was our visit to the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. It saw action in both World War II and in Vietnam.
NASA's space shuttle "Enterprise" is housed on the Intrepid.
One of Joseph's favorite things about the whole trip was when he was asked to be an assistant during a science demonstration. Now he thinks he wants to be a scientist.