Huge Update

Deputation has been great. It seems like I haven't stopped moving for the past two weeks straight. But things are good and we are enjoying our time. Here is a huge pictorial update over the past few weeks.
I swung by my brother Steve's house to see him and his family in Tampa, Florida. We had a great time. Brady wasn't around when we took this picture.
My nephew Brady is on the basketball team. We went to watch one of his games. That's him shooting a free throw.  Their team won!
I really enjoyed my stay at Hobe Sound. I used it as a base to travel in and out of while holding deputation services. HIM treats their missionaries with class, here is the mission house they put me up in during my time there.
My last service in Florida was in Key West. It was a neat experience driving out through the keys. I saw lots of boats and some gorgeous ocean views.
One of the first keys is Key Largo, I stopped just a few minutes to snap this picture.
Watch out for the giant crabs that are on the loose!
Aaaaaa need I say anything?
The keys are linked by these super long bridges.
Very interesting place. The C.I.A. has a base just a few yards from this point I imagine they are keeping their eyes and ears on Cuba and everything Caribbean.
Meanwhile Hannah and the boys were on their way to Fort Lauderdale and would arrive at 5 am. I pulled out of Key West at 1:30 am and headed North. It was a looooooong day.
This is how we all felt after our sixteen hour drive to Tennessee.
Saw these beautiful air balloons on our way to Tennessee.
Sunday we had services in Byrds Chapel and Maryville, Tennessee. Here are the boys playing with the pastor's son.
Since we were close to Gatlinburg we zipped over there on Monday to see a few sights.
Took a trip back to the 50's.
Ripleys Aquarium was a great experience!! We all really enjoyed it.
Blood thirsty piranhas.
Watching the sea creatures.
The best part was the glass tunnel. What a neat experience!
Sharks, sharks everywhere!!
I think they are smiling at us!
Hey look we found Nemo!
Our little diver in a big suit.
One of the sharks got loose and was prowling around.
The four little penguins.
A penguins perspective.
Joseph and I braved the maze of mirrors. I guess it reflected our desire for wholesome entertainment.
Dan Dan and the bears.
Tuesday evening we arrived at IHC. What a surprise to see my parents there. I had no idea they were coming!!
Joseph sang his heart out with the 300+ kids. He loved it!
On Wednesday little Dan Dan turned two!! Woo hoo!
We celebrated in my parent's hotel room. Check out those Middlesworth chips made only in Central Pennsylvania.
Came to Cincinnati on Thursday night to be with Hannah's family for a few weeks while we do services in the area. On Saturday we had a big birthday bash for both me and Dan Dan.
 Ready to dig in!
Practicing for his driver's test.
Thank God for another year of life!! God is so good!


I've really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing!! -Susie

Jeanne Kuhns said...

That was great...

Dorcas said...

I'd say you all have been really busy traveling!! That's so neat that your parents surprised you at IHC :o) And belated happy birthday to you and Daniel. Can't believe he's two years old already!! Happy you could visit with Steve's family in Tampa. When you were in Key West you should jumped in a boat or on a plane from Tampa and came to see us. Flying we're only about 30 minutes or so from Cuba. We actually fly over Cuba coming and going from here. Safe travels!!