Visitors and the Boys

Some special visitors have arrived! Wes and Janna Cressman will be with us this week through Friday. It has been long since we have seen them, it's nice to catch up on the times.
Yesterday they cooked a delicious meal and invited the whole church over for lunch. The people really enjoyed it.
They make me smile.
Look how big he is getting!!


Jeanne Kuhns said...

It great to see Wes and his wofe made it ok..the boys are just " dumplings"...
Eric sure had a great exciting trip too..
Love you!

Jeanne Kuhns said...

That was suppose to be "wife" not wofe...haha

debbie said...

So glad to see Wes and Janna made it. Wes your dish looks yummy and a little familiar I think. Love the pictures of the boys. So glad that Eric and everyone made it back safely.