Trip to Santo Domingo

Last Monday morning Roger Ortiz and I began an 18 hour journey from Tegucigalpa to Santo Domingo, Mexico. We took a route up the west coast all the way through El Salvador, through Guatemala and into Southern Mexico. It was a very interesting trip and I really enjoyed it. The purpose of the trip was to meet with all our H.I.M. pastors and missionaries working in Mexico and Central America to implement some new changes and talk about some plans for the works. The picture above is crossing from Honduras into El Salvador.
This was my first time through El Salvador. El Salvador is the birthplace of the pupusa. Made from a rice flour mix, filled with refried beans and different meats and then grilled, makes for a delicious meal.
An unforgettable lunch.
I was very impressed with El Salvador. I had a little bit of a feeling that I was back in the states. They use the American dollar for currency, their roads are very nice, and the people were very friendly.
The country side was dotted with volcanoes and rich farming valleys.
Western Guatemala is just a paradise. Beautiful volcanoes and some nice highways.
¡Viva México!

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon at Santo Domingo, Mexico. It's a little village tucked away in the mountains. In the early 1900's a German man came and built this house and a coffee plantation. Now they converted some of these old buildings into a museum and a hotel where we stayed.
All but maybe 1 or 2 of H.I.M.'s pastors were present for this meeting. The fellowship was refreshing and rich. 
All day Wednesday we were in meetings and sessions. The Lord really helped us and I am excited about the future of the works in Central America and Mexico.
Giving appreciation to Rigoberto Vasquez for his years of service as Hispanic Director. He will be stepping down in August.
Some really great pastors!
The whole team.
Santo Domingo is really neat little town. Nice cool weather and surrounded by beautiful mountains and volcanoes.
Before leaving Mexico we headed over to Tapachula to see where Michael Mason is pastoring. He and his family are doing a wonderful job and the Lord is blessing their ministry. It was exciting to see their work.
We went and visited some of Michael's people. It was nice getting to know them.
We stopped for some lamb meat tacos. Sooooo good. I probably ate about five of them.
Made the 18 hour trip back home. Thank the Lord it was a good trip and a lot was accomplished. It sure is good to be home though.


Joanna said...

I just love reading your is truly an inspiration!! The boys are growing and are handsome!!

Beth Stetler said...

Great pictures! We love pupusas, but haven't been able to find them in Mexico. :(

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