A Sugar Coated Gift!

Three whole packs of sugar cookies!!!!! I grew up on these things. Wednesday nights as we came home from church when I was growing up, it was a special treat to stop and buy a pack of sugar cookies. The three of us boys would practically fight over these when we got home. We each got a stack of three cookies with our glass of milk. Good memories and great taste!!! Thanks Hannah for sending a little taste of home.


Jeanne said...

oh yeah...
enjoy every bite..

Wow! How quickly are you able to receive packages down there? My Mom sent a small package about 8 weeks ago, and we're still waiting on it!! It probably got lost in MX customs!! I think they're notorious for that!

Enjoy your cookies!! :-)

Eric said...

Crystal this was a special delivery. A team from the Mifflinburg Nazarene church is in Honduras building a church and so they sent some stuff with Jeff Yount. Trust me it usually takes weeks for us to get boxes.