Church Watch-night Service

Last evening we held what they call a "vigilia", kinda like a watch-night service. A normal vigilia they usually go until sunrise, we stopped at 2:30 a.m. Usually you have a church service, then a break for food and coffee, then you come back for more preaching and singing and you go all through the night. Our vigilia didn't go that long but it was still fun. We had around 55 people come and we enjoyed the service and the singing.
This is Miguel. I am trying to train him to be my kinda of assistant pastor at Las Uvas. He is going to be preaching this coming Tuesday night, he is really nervous. He loves to learn and he is doing a great job, pray that God will help us raise up leaders in our churches.
It was a chilly night, the campfire was very comforting.
Fireside chit chat.
We had two fires going. This was the second one where most of the women were huddled.
Katie getting ready to enjoy some juicy chicken.


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Looks like you had a really good crowd for your first time!!

I enjoy looking at your blog every time I get the chance. I'm happy to see you using Miguel; may God bless him and help him to grow in usefulness and blessing to God's work there. And may God bless you, Eric, your dear family, and the great work that you're serving there. We appreciate you and your wife.
Praying for y'all,
Phillip and family