Feeding the Hungry

 Today our church people did a special project for the poor. We took food to the families who have loved ones in the hospital. The public hospital is quite a sight. Healthcare here is in shambles. You have to see it to believe it. Poor people come from all around the country to the public hospitals here in the city. They can't afford hotels so they sleep on the floor next to their family member. Some don't have money to buy food either and they may be there for days. We decided to make 60 burritas to take to these poor families who are staying at the hospital.

Frying platano and eggs for the burritas.
60 burritas ready to go! A burrita is a corn tortilla with fried beans, eggs another tortilla on top then cheese, platano topped with another tortilla.
My three helpers. Samuel started attending our church about four months ago. Laura usually doesn't attend our services but was excited to help her mother Maria with this project.
The people were so grateful for the food. 
This lady was sleeping on the bench when we came by, we woke her up to give her some food.

These people hadn't eaten. It looked like it had been a long night for them.

Samuel and Maria read scripture and prayed with this lady. She had herpes all over her body.

It felt so good to help a few needy people. There were many more we could have helped if we would have had more food. This not only helped the recipients it also encouraged our church people as well.


Jeanne said...

you certainly have some real dedicated people.
I'm sure God will certainly bless them for there efforts.

Joanna said...

I love reading these. You guys are so wonderful and all the wonderful people who are helping, it truly puts a smile in my heart! What an Awesome God we have!!