Back from Nicaragua

I had a good trip to Nicaragua thank you to all who prayed for me. God blessed us in every service. Here they are starting the first service. This little church has really grown, it was encouraging to see some new people who have started attending. This church is only about 10 or 12 years old but is coming along very well.
I was also privileged to baptize two of their new converts. Here they are on the day of their baptism.
Here is the group praying for the baptism.
Even the Lone Ranger and Silver came to see the baptism. haha. 
The water wasn't real deep and the man I had to baptize was pretty tall I was worried I wasn't going to get him back up but thankfully everything worked out ok.
The man on the left is Nemecio, he is the church musician and has quite a story. He fought in the Contra War back in the 80's and spent a week at Ronald Reagan's home in California during the war. The man on the right is Mike he is from our church in Las Uvas he accompanied me on the trip, it was his first time in Nicaragua and he seemed to really enjoy it.
Things are so laid back in this part of Nicaragua. It's so peaceful. There are rolling mountains, little streams and small farms. I think this picture kinda captures the spirit of the place. This was in the back of the pastor's house. His house is made of adobe, he has lots of plants and a comfortable rocking chair, life doesn't get any better.
I saw this old ice cutter in town. Has anyone seen anything like this before? How old is it?
This lady was shaving the ice and then putting some kind of syrup on it to make an icee. I didn't try one, the syrup seemed a little overwhelming to me.
I loved these old wooden doors.
I did a teaching series on Holiness. I started out on "The Two Types of Sin/Sin of Action and the Nature of Sin" the next night I touched on "Is Holiness Attainable?" and talked some about the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism. The third service was "The Seven Steps to Attain Holiness" and the last service was "What Holiness Does in Our Lives". I really felt God's help and there was a spirit of hunger and seeking among the people. Several came forward to seek holiness in their lives.
Sunday night I was privileged to dedicate this precious little baby girl.
This is pastor Julio and his family. His wife Jenny, their oldest daughter Judalie, their son Obed and their little girl Jessy.
Little Jessy enjoying a nap in the hammock.