Thanksgiving at the Meltons House

Daniel and Tiffany Melton are working with Evangelistic Faith Missions about 6 hours from us in a little town called San Luis. I have known Daniel and Tiffany for quite a long time since they both attended Penn View Bible Institute. They were so kind to invite us to their house for thanksgiving along with Steve and Yvonne Delong also friends of ours from school days. Steve and Yvonne are working about 4 hours from us. It was so nice to all get together and share thanksgiving. The food was top notch and the atmosphere was relaxing. It was a nice get-away from our daily routine. Thanks Daniel and Tiffany for a wonderful time!! We really enjoyed it!

A few of the pics here show the compound where they are working. They have a Bible school, a radio station and a clinic. The Melton's are doing a great work. The last picture is Joseph and I standing at the edge of the compound overlooking the beautiful valley and mountains. San Luis is such a quite and relaxing place to visit. We really enjoyed our time there.


Jeanne said...

what a nice Thanksgiving you had.
The food looks delicious...
I'm glad!

Thank the Lord for He Is Good! Looks like you all had a nice Thanksgiving.