Do This in Remembrance of Me

Today was a wonderful day!!! God's presence saturated our morning worship service. I invited all those who are Christians to come forward and partake of communion. As the people gathered around the front I noticed that Michelle stayed at her seat while the rest of her family came forward. Being ten years old I figured she may be embarrassed or not really sure about what she should do. I opened my Bible and began to read from I Corinthians and when I finished and looked up Michelle was standing next to her dad. It wasn't until tonight did I hear what happened that brought Michelle to the front to partake of the communion. After church she said to her mom "Mom, I have to tell you about something amazing that happened during church" When they got home she began to tell them the story.

She said "When the pastor asked everyone to the come to the front I wasn't sure if I should go up. I was afraid that maybe I shouldn't take communion. So I told the Lord that if he wanted me to go up to have my dad look back at me and ask me to come up. Well he didn't look back so I didn't know what to do. But when the pastor began to read from the Bible I felt a wind hit my body and I heard a voice tell me to go up and I felt someone pushing me from behind. When I went up I felt so happy, I felt a joy that I never have felt before".

God came during that service like we have never experienced before. We sang and rejoiced together. People were crying and giving wonderful testimonies. I felt like I should push the message aside for another time. The people left the service strengthened and encouraged. It was just what we needed!!! I give God thanks and praise for His help. When we remember Him, He remembers us!


How Exciting!!! The Lord has really been helping me to pray for you all in a special way lately. it is good to hear the reports. May the Lord continue to bless His work

Dorcas said...

That's great!

Jeanne said...


Wow that is so great!

Andrew said...

Praise God! I've been praying for you guys and the church people. God bless your ministry. Y saludos a todos!


WOW. so exciting to hear how God is helping you all.